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The stash has grown again, although I really ought to be reducing it. It’s all Elizabeth‘s fault really. She was in London this week and so a few of us met up to go round Liberty of London and have a drink. It was a really great afternoon! We oohed and aahed over the gorgeous […]

Shoe selection


Here’s my finished version of Vogue 1240. This was a pattern with all sorts of fit problems, but thanks to some good advice from Pattern Review (not sure if that link will work for non-members but it’s free to sign up) I managed to produce something wearable. The trouble is I can’t find shoes to […]

Rolled hems


What is the trick to making tidy rolled hems? I’ve just made Vogue 1240, a confection of flappy chiffon layers, and consequently have spent quite a bit of time struggling with this lately. The pattern instructions assume that you don’t have a rolled hem foot for your machine and have you stitch close to the […]

It’s not as if I don’t already have several projects lined up. But I saw this in John Lewis and fell in love with it. The label describes it simply as ‘floral’ but this does not do justice to it. Floral to me means sweet and girly. I think there’s something slightly alien and spooky […]



The new Vogue patterns are out. Normally a cause for rejoicing, especially the autumn collection. But this time I’m completely underwhelmed. Other people love it. I have tried, I really have, but I can’t find anything I like. At first I thought it might just be the colours used for the photos – there’s a […]

I love Vogue 1239, despite the ninja scientist vibe. Or possibly because of it. The strange-looking sleeves are actually very comfortable to wear, although they were tricky to sew. And it goes with my new shoes. I think it will be OK with flats too. I think this has taken a whole month to sew. […]

Ninja scientist


Vogue 1239 is finished. On Wednesday I thought I was practically at the end and one more sewing session would do it. Wild optimism. That one session turned into three. Endless topstitching, head-scratching, hand sewing, seam ripping and one wrecked manicure later, it’s done. It was totally worth it. I am hoping to take some […]

I’ve just finished step 50 of 67 on Vogue 1239. My last couple of sewing sessions have been all about the lining. I don’t know about most people, but personally I find sewing linings tricky. The stuff is hard to cut out accurately in the first place, and then you have the problem of your […]

Vogue 1239‘s instructions have 67 steps. That’s not a typo. 67. I have been sewing it for over a week, and I’m now on step 39, which still seems like a long way from the end. The first part is particularly slow. I was sewing lots of seams together but no dress seemed to be […]


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